Friday, May 22, 2015

Avian Influenza Impacts Liquid Eggs

The ongoing Avian Influenza outbreak in the United States continues to have huge ramifications for our foodservice industry and our supply channels. The situation continues to develop but already has resulted in millions of birds being killed and many of the existing flocks continue to be at risk for disease and possible slaughter.

Liquid egg manufacturers in the United States have been greatly impacted, with some losing all or the majority of our flocks. We have been notified by our supplier that BiRite will be on an allocation program beginning next week and more than likely running through the year and quite possibly the majority of 2016.

Effective immediately, BiRite will need to take the following steps to continue servicing our customers and to minimize overall disruption to the supply chain.
  • BiRite will no longer accept new business or new customers for liquid eggs.
  • Current customers will be limited to at most their twelve week average of purchases. If our allocation decreases from the historical average, we will allocate our customers proportionally.
We will continue to keep all informed as the situation develops. For specific questions, please contact your BiRite Sales Representative.


Aaron Barulich,
General Manager
BiRite Foodservice Distributors