Thursday, July 7, 2016

Food Cost 101

By: Cecily Costa

Most people think that a 35 lb jug of oil is 5 gallons—in fact, it is less. Because the unique density of each oil type and brand, the number of gallons per jug can be different. Look at how you are costing your oil to make sure you are getting the correct food cost.

Type of Oil        35 lb Jug        Gallons        Actual Pounds        Liters

                           Canola                  1                    4.52                  39.39
                           EVOO                                          1                                                  3.8
                         Grapeseed              1                    4.62                   37.89        

                            Peanut                 1                    4.47                   39.15

                          Pure OO                1                    4.61                   37.94

                         Rice Bran               1                    4.45                   39.33

                              Soy                    1                    4.56                   38.39

                        Sunflower                1                   4.52                    38.72

                        Vegetable                 1                   4.4                      39.39

Also, you may want to look at transitioning to Expeller Pressed oils if you haven’t already. These oils are free of Hexane, a petroleum derivative now getting a lot of attention as being unhealthy. Hexane free oils are called Extra Virgin, Organic and Expeller Pressed. If you are working hard to make your menu clean and healthy, then you will want to investigate switching out your commodity bulk oils. We carry a wide variety of healthy bulk size oils. Ask your sales rep about doing a cutting and cost analysis. You might be surprised how affordable they are.